'American Idol': Match your top 13

You gotta adore a hourlong American Idol episode where the complete hour is in fact given to results.

As audience members shouted out names of these favourite vocalists, he quipped, "Seems like we're playing The Value Is Below.

Malaya Watson
Ben Briley
Emily Piriz
Alex Preston
Jessica Meuse
Dexter Roberts
Caleb Johnson
Majesty Rose
MK Nobilette
Sam Woolf
Harris, nonetheless wearing that brown hat from Wednesday's efficiency, interpreted Sam Cook's Take It on House to Me soulfully, despite some tough edges in the pitch section.

Jena Irene returned to the pianoforte, her Hollywood powerful suit, in line with the judges and sang her first Unbreakable Me -- significantly, significantly a lot better than her Tuesday evening performance. Urban replied enthusiastically: "That was a great utilization of this minute."

"We desired to give you another opportunity because we noticed something in you from the very start," Jennifer Lopez stated, leaving the "and you botched it" virtually silent.

Bria Anai resurrected her edition of James Brown's This is a Man's, Guy's, Guy's Planet, utilizing her second-chance showing off her vocal chops. She is got conduits, for certain, but she's additionally got major management problems. Connick said thus: "Bria, it was all within the spot," he mentioned. He discovered it zealous but considered she overshot her mark.

O'Connor selected Katy Perry's Unconditionally on her survival tune. For her the first time she sang it wasn't an outstanding alternative, plus it wasn't much better this time. Nevertheless, it was better than a number of another play-in performances. Keith City said the important needed to be a small higher, which will have enabled her to make the most of the adrenaline hurry, which she appeared to fight the entire time.

The three wild card picks?

Jena Irene
Kristen O'Connor
C.J. Harris